Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vote for The Mother Load!

So, you know when I told you all about the blog award for which I wanted to be nominated, and then I said I just wanted to be able to say the words, "It's an honor just to be nominated?"

I lied.  I want to WIN!

So, here's what you do.  You click on this link (this one right here): Yes, this one...the link of which I have spoken.  And you vote for ME!

You can also leave a comment encouraging everyone to vote for The Mother Load. Even if they are there to vote for another blog (these things are known to happen), they have the option of voting for up to three.  Maybe if they see a whole boatload of loyal readers telling them to vote for The Mother Load, they'll think, "Hey! That bandwagon looks kind of comfy. I think I'll jump on and have some brownies!"  (You'll need to offer them brownies if they're going to think that.  I am okay with this.)

A few questions you might like me to answer follow.

Why should I vote for The Mother Load?

Because I make you smile.  I make you laugh.  Even on days when you might not think you can smile or laugh at anything, I get you.  Even on days when I don't think I can smile or laugh at anything, I find a way, and then I share it here.  That's worth something, I think.

But I've never thought of this as a "Mormon" blog.  Should I vote for The Mother Load even if you don't write about Mormon stuff all the time?

Absolutely!  Yes, I am Mormon, and an active one at that.  But I choose to write my blog in such a way that it will touch people of all faiths, no faiths, multiple faiths, whatever.  I believe we're all this world together, so I don't want to limit my voice to only people of my religion.  However, I am LDS, and the award is for an LDS blogger, whether or not the topic is religious, so I am eligible, and I WANT IT!

What will you do if you win?

I, Sarah of the pretty voice and terrible stage fright, will tape a video of myself singing a song from a list of YOUR suggestions and put it on YouTube.  I will not be standing on my head this time.  The room will not be dark to the point that you can't even tell it's me.  I will sing for the camera, face forward, forgetting my fear, and you will get a show.  I may throw up...but we'll edit that out.

Do I get something if you win?

YOU MIGHT!  Leave a comment on the award blog, leave comment on my Facebook fan page telling me you've voted or shared the link to the voting page, or leave a comment here, and you will be eligible to win a prize!  I will hold a drawing once the winner is announced, whether or not I win.  That's right.  I will be giving away a prize even if I don't win the award, because everything you can do in this effort will bring people to The Mother Load, and that's good for the environment and for puppies and kittens and rainbow connections.

What's the prize?

You may choose a product I've profiled on this blog, up to a $50 value.  You can mix and match, as well.  Choose from the Stupid Products (why???) or the Awesome Products and find something you've always dreamed of having and then go, vote, share, comment, and you're in!  I can already see a few of you are hankering for some Handerpants.  Go for it!


Anna said...

Ok, you bribed me.

Lis Cook said...

I would really like that brownie pan...YOU KNOW THE ONE... :giggle:
Hope WE win.

Alison Moore Smith said...

I am CRYING. And I do not cry easily, my friend. Who knew I would incite bribery?!

Sarah Clark said...

Hee hee...I am so glad I know to laugh at your comment now, Alison. Those were some tense hours when I thought I'd hurt your feelings, lol.

Go Mother Load readers! You guys ROCK!

Anonymous said...

I voted for you, Sarah! Saw Gina's posting which let me know all about it. I want a second Perfect Brownie Pan -- if I win, of course. Family members can win, right? I'm going to post a Vote for Sarah message on Facebook right now!
Love, Mom