Friday, March 25, 2011



Mom, today I learned that this is the best thing to happen to me, ever.

(Author's note: After two days of struggle with a drum sander, Sunbelt Rentals graciously switched it for this beautiful, beautiful machine. Look at that floor!  Floor, you will be stained tonight!)


Gia said...

so, Richard and the kids rank lower than a sander? I think you have issues. :)

Sarah Clark said...

Oh, they'll earn their status back. The kids just hand sanded a bunch of spots the sanders missed, and Richard will be doing the vacuuming and prep work so I can stain it tonight. He doesn't know this yet, but he'll be happy to know that doing it will put him back in the number one love of my life category. :)

Julia said...

There you go, putting appliances ahead of your husband. Poor Richard :D