Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You've Gotta See This: Literal Trailers

The Literal Trailer phenomenon is something Richard and I both stumbled upon separately on the same day, so we decided fate was sending us a message. When we stumbled onto the Literal Harry Potter trailer together, well, it was like the heavens opened and a warm ray of love was shining down upon us, so we spent about an hour of quality time enjoying all the videos the parody maker had to offer. Richard subsequently shared the love at work, and now "Kill him with your awesome!" (heard in the Assassins Creed trailer below) has become part of the official office lexicon and rightly so! (Because they are awesome. Not because they choose to kill people with it, though they could.)

Tiny warning for these videos (since I try to keep this blog kid and my mom friendly): The Harry Potter trailer contains a couple of words I wouldn't refer to as swear words but words I personally try not to say. Assassins Creed contains one use of the word "hell." Twelve year old boys should also feel free to snicker at the word "assassins."