Monday, July 18, 2011

So, hi.  My name's Sarah Clark.  I used to blog a lot...

And then it was summer.  And kids were home.  And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  And then kids were gone at their dad's house.  And there was much wailing and out-of-sortsness at my house and much TV watching at his.

Then there was the week my mom flew in, and I had to get ready for the BIG DAY (more about that on my other blog), and there was much cooking to be found.

And there was definitely not much blogging.

But I assure you...readers old and new...I'm totally a blogger.  Totally.  Pay no attention to the lack of posts over the last month.  Your blogger has returned.  She is back.  She will blog.

(And there was much cheering to be found in cyberspace?  Yes?)

See, I have to get my bottom in gear this week because I'm actually teaching a blogging class at Music, Arts, and Technology Camp, and it would never do for my students (all 2 of them) to seek out my blog and find a whole lotta nada.  Can't have eager learners thinking, What? This woman calls herself a blogger?  This is no blog!

Also, there are all of you...the devoted...the deprived.  A friend and coworker cornered me at our recent company retreat and said, "You need to blog!  I need something to read!"  Properly chastised, I am here a mere week (two?) later.  Here you go, Jenn.  These are words and you are reading them.  Be at peace, little tan one.

So, what's on the schedule for the week?  Probably some pics from MAT Camp...lots of singing and dancing and music playing and general geekiness.  I'll throw in some specific geekiness too.  Interspersed, expect to find some photos of beautiful Wyoming, where the cows outnumber the trees 254,679,902 to 1.

I've got a little Weird Al love for you tomorrow, and I have a doozy of a Stupid Product for Wednesday.  I'll be updating my Mother Unload weight loss progress soon...probably today, and I have a new recipe to share for sure.  Awesome Product Thursday will go forward as planned, and there will be an actual, real, true, bonafide Mother Load column up on Friday!  We'll also probably have a bonus YouTube video of the MAT Camp Flash Mob, of which my family will be a part.  (No more details on that in case there are readers in Evanston who like to shop at Wal Mart.  I probably should have even said that much.  Blast!)

I'm less able to post links on the Mother Load Facebook Fan page because the internet at the school has social networking sites blocked.  Middle school students aren't old enough for a social life, I guess.  Either that, or they're worried about kids Facebooking during class.  That's more of a problem among college students...I mean...I've heard...

So, there you go.  I'm happy to be back.  Happy that the wailing and gnashing and TV watching and cooking have all been toned down (well, the wailing is still going on), and I can get back to the world of blogging!

Because I'm totally a blogger...