Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A two dimensional excuse to go on a train ride!


Mom, today I learned that our week hosting Flat Joseph has officially begun!  I get to have WAY more fun than I originally planned to have this week!  Hi-jinks and shenanigans to follow!

(Author's note: Flat Joseph is the flattened version of my nephew, Joe, who is currently residing with his family in Germany, where my brother is serving in the military.  My house is his 4th stop on his current tour of the U.S.  So far, he's been to Del Rio, TX, Wichita Falls, TX, Lexington, NC, and now Salt Lake City, UT.  He'll finish his visits in Ogden, UT, with his Aunt Carla, and then he'll be heading back to Germany with a full journal, pictures, and souvenirs.)


Mike Zarate said...

So awesome Sarah!!!! Thank you and we really miss you guys and love you lots.

Have fun with Flat Joe. He sure is a quiet one. :-)

Love, Mike