Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You've Gotta See This: Weird Al's UHF Music Video

I'm feeling the Weird Al love since reporting on the release of his new children's book, so naturally, I decided to feature the man again in today's You've Gotta See This post.  This is the music video for Al's song, "UHF," a companion piece to his movie of the same name.  The video pays homage to some of the most popular music videos of the 80s, so all you old people like me should enjoy that.

If you haven't seen "UHF," I think it's high time you put it on your Netflix queue, darn it!  I am absolutely sincere when I say that you have not lived until you've experienced the joy of Wheel of Fish, Twinkie-wiener sandwiches, one man's attempt at teaching poodles to fly, and another man's love affair with his mop.  Oh, and Spatula City...we cannot forget Spatula City!