Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You've Gotta See this: Levar Burton on "Community"

If you have access to network television, I guess you know about a show called "Community".  Maybe you've even watched an episode or two.  I'd not actually heard of the show before finding this gem, as I haven't had TV since January 2006.  (Do I mention our proudly TV free lifestyle a lot?  It's because I'm proud.)

This clip is not enough to make me give up five years of a very good thing, but it is enough for me to consider reinstating my Netflix membership in order to watch this show on DVD.  You give props to LeVar Burton, and I will love you forever.  That is a fact with a capital LaForge.  I have butterflies in the sky chasing each other around my stomach just watching this.  (Note: I might be persuaded to give TV another chance if PBS reinstated Reading Rainbow.)

LeVar, it's good see you again.  If I ever met you in person, I would react the same way.


Gia said...

Community is on Hulu...you can watch the whole episode there. keep your TV free lifestyle!