Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want it. I want it. I want it. I'm willing to make up a fake holiday in order to justify buying it.  (Good thinking, Sarah!)  Everyone, Weird Al has released a children's book, titled, When I Grow Up, and I will be purchasing said book to celebrate National I Had Pizza with a Low Carb Wrap as a Crust because I Grew Up Day, and everyone knows Weird Al's book is the official gift of that holiday...kind of like giving chocolates on Valentine's Day and gummy ears on Mike Tyson's birthday.

I actually knew this book was in the works last year because I am one of the two million faithful followers of Weird Al's Twitter updates mentioned in the article linked above.  That's right.  I was MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE ABOUT WEIRD AL!  Because I am that cool.

Actually, it's because I am that nerdy, and if there's anyone in this world who has made nerdy look cool, it's my one time love, Mr. Alfred Yankovic.  As a kid who sometimes struggled to accept her nerdiness in the middle of a world full of people who said, "Don't like that!" "Don't read that!" "Don't say that!"  "Don't be different!" It was Weird Al who reminded me that there was beauty and joy in being different from the crowd.  Also, that the silly sounds made by one hand squeezing against another can be considered music.

I don't need a children's book to introduce Al into the family. My kids have been well acquainted with his work since they were old enough to sing along.  I need this children's book because it's his, which means it's going to be awesome, and because I like the message of doing what you love in life.  If one of my kids wants to grow up to be a "professional pickle inspector," they will have my blessing if it makes them happy to do it.  And if they share.

You can order Weird Al's book on the Harper Collins website.  You don't even have to eat a pizza on a low carb wrap to do so, though I would totally recommend it.

You know what I also recommend?  Watching the best Weird Al video ever made.

And if you needed any proof that I married the right guy, this is what Richard wore the night he proposed.  He knew what he had to do...(Okay, so it was Halloween concert night at the symphony, and his costume was my idea, but still.  Look at this nerdy man!)