Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Week's Worth of Blog Posts in 15 Minutes

(Author's note: I have a very part time job that occasionally requires a few more than part time hours, which is to say that it occasionally takes over my life for a week.  Add to that my actual full time job, a family, and school, and it's Saturday before I'm saying, "BLOG! I HAVE A BLOG!"  So, here you go.  This is what I can pump out in the 15 minutes I have before I start editing Mahalo pages again. You'll see more of me next week...I hope...ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!)

 What I learned today:


I learned that when it comes to decorating Richard's car for Valentine's Day, this is all I have in me.


I learned what happens to Cate's hair when she bathes before bed.


I learned that musical birthday candles sound really bad when you don't start them at exactly the same time.  Also, they sound really bad when you do.


I learned that Jr. high classes are not what I remember.


But that the band would like me to join.


And I learned that if they have a problem with the boxing up of people at the Jr. high, I might not want my daughter to go there.

Outrageous News:

My husband turned 34 on Monday, which means we've officially known each other for half our lives.  That's pretty cool, and I feel really old.  A few pictures of my favorite goofball for your viewing pleasure:


Best picture ever.


He's a sucker for kittens.  I'm sucker for guys who are suckers for kittens.


He's like James Bond...if James Bond fought pizza odor with Febreeze.


 Owned and loving it.


My friend Lis calls this his "Pi-hole" picture.


Juvenile delinquents I used to work with called this his "Gay dancer" picture.


I just call this his "typical Richard" picture


He's so good with the kids...

Sprint PictureMail

Is it any wonder I love this guy?


Happy 34th Birthentine's Day Richard. Here's to half a lifetime as friends. I'm looking forward to the rest of it.

You've Gotta See This:

Insert video of Miriam's honor band performance here. Someone who didn't get the time mixed up and didn't walk in just as it was ending, feel free to step right on up. *facepalm* She's said she did a great job...

Stupid Product:

Bank officers at my friend's branch of Chase Bank are poopy poopheads. Chase, you're aptly named, because you chase away your own customers with your ridiculously bad customer service and your nefarious policies. Amy's done with you, and you are dumb with a capital stupid.

Awesome Product:

Red Mango Frozen Yogurt  They have gluten free, all natural, lowfat, enriched with probiotics DARK CHOCOLATE frozen yogurt, and I have a new favorite place for desserts I can actually eat every now and then.  Cold Stone and Baskin Robbins, it's been real.  Put something on your menu that I can feel good about eating and maybe you'll compete.

The Mother Unload:

I did really well.  I've lost ten pounds.  Whole grain pasta is my friend, but only in 1/2 cup servings.  Man, I used to eat too much pasta.  I'd have a 1/2 cup serving as an appetizer to my 2 cup pasta entree followed by a 3/4 cup pasta dessert.  Maybe not that bad...but almost.  (My Italian Grandpa Angelo is thinking, What's wrong with that?)

The Mother Load Column:

Remember when I used to write those every week?  That's funny.

So, there you go.  Only it hasn't been 15 minutes.  It's been 40...and I may or may not have skimped on a couple of those...and I may or may not be worried about what you think of that.

(That's just the lack of sleep talking.  I care!  I care!)


Deanna said...

LOL! Loved this post. :)

Alison Moore Smith said...

Just to let you know that you were nominated as Best LDS Female Solo Blogger of 2010.