Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stupid Product: The McRib Sandwich

Bad things are happening at a McDonald's near you. Check it out.

Because I choose not to have TV in my home, I was not initially aware of McRib: The Return.  I had to learn the terrible news from a sign outside a McDonald's restaurant.  I was driving my kids to children's choir rehearsal when the news hit, and I nearly plowed my car into the one in front of me in my shock and bewilderment.

One look at that sign had me screaming in horror.  "Who let it out of its cage?!" My children, who have never had the dubious honor of eating one these things, were confused by my outburst.  I explained to them that the McRib was a product forged in the fiery depths of Hell and that eating one would result in expulsion from the family.

Okay, so I didn't go quite that far.  I did, however, describe this sandwich as "bluchy."

I know some of you must be disagreeing with me right now. I mean, this is a sandwich that keeps coming back because people keep demanding McDonald's bring it back.  It's safe to say there are McRib fans in my readership.  Feel free to leave a comment on why you think this sad creation has some redeeming value.  I'm more than happy to preach to the choir of McRib haters like me. (Oh, what beautiful music we make!)

So why do I hate the McRib?  This thorough and fairly disgusting deconstruction of the McRib sandwich will give you a pretty good indication.  The McRib patty is loaded with calories, fat, and cholesterol, yet somehow remains completely devoid of actual rib meat.  Newsflash to McDonald's: If it's a patty, you can't call it a rib.

Since 1981, McDonald's has cheerily sidestepped the great "ribs or no ribs" question by forming their McRib patties into the shape of real ribs.  In 1981, I was just turning 5. Do you know what this kind of food fakery does to a 5 year old child?  Do you want to hear about my first experience with actual ribs and the tears and toothaches that followed? Bad form, McDonald's.

And what's with the "limited time" thing?  If you have this many fans of a product, why not offer it every day?  Why keep people waiting and wondering and TRACKING the McRib every year?  If people like this thing so much, why deprive them of it?

I think the answer to those questions would blow the lid off the curious case of the McRib lovers once and for all.  If this were available every day, people would take a closer look at it and realize that this fatty, pork derived patty is the most disgusting fast food creation ever invented, and that's counting the KFC Double Down Sandwich!

How do I know this? Because these exact sandwiches were available for dinner every 3 weeks at the treatment center where I used to work.  We'd get a new troubled teen on the unit, and she'd praise her good fortune upon learning the McRib was somehow available to her.  6 months and many of these sandwiches later, she'd be staging a fight on McRib night in hopes of being served peanut butter and jelly in the time out room as a punishment. 

I hear this MdRib resurrection is only around for a limited time, so if you love it, I'll pray for you.  Also, you should hurry and get one before they're gone. If you're a teenager, you could consider a life of crime and a chance at a treatment center vacation to get more, but I wouldn't recommend it.  The therapy's hard, the beds are uncomfortable, and you'll be sick of it after the 2nd month.


Craig Corbin said...

Most apropos for me. Currently I am in bed recovering from what I am considering to be a submission for "Monster Inside Me." Why does being barely alive have to be so disgusting?

I am down to 426lbs from 499lbs in March thanks to Weight Watchers, Vaporkings Joye 510 e-cigarettes, and lap swimming at the YMCA.

I was a drop-out in 1981 my senior year in high school. I was allowed to take my GED test before my class graduated. I passed but had to wait for the rest of my class to graduate before I was awarded my little pseudo-diploma. Ironically in 1982 I had kept telling my new lovely wife Justeen that if I had to, I would get a job at McDonald's. It finally came down to that. In 1982 I worked as a swing-manager trainee for close to a year at McDonald's and the first thing I learned was how to explain that the McRib was only a seasonal item, why don't you try our beautifully formed chicken bologna deep fried and breaded, the new McChicken sandwich?

Oh how I soon came to dread the day when I would have be the one to tell one of my favorite daily customers, a man from Laos a hard working maintenance man who had been coming in for his daily McChicken since before I started working there.

It happened. I must have eaten two hundred of the patties as several frozen cases were dumped and I took them home.

I said all of that to say this. McRib, McChicken, McMorbid Obesity but I am trying to heal and live a healthy life.

Yours truly and thank you for the article,

~Craig Corbin, Norman OK, USA

Renee said...

I saw this post over the weekend; however, I did not read the blog right away. (I know, shame on me. Sarah, you were trying to save me.) My cousin, however, is one of those McRib lovers, and I got suckered into trying the stupid thing today. O.M.Gsh. "Bluchy" also describes how you will feel after one bite. Lesson learned. If Sarah takes the time to write a must read it BEFORE you make a purchase! LOL! :)