Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I found today's You've Gotta See This video in my work for Mahalo.com this week. I was a reviewing a writer's page on one of Lady Gaga's songs and the site suggested I might also be interested in a page on the singer before she was famous. Even though my interest in the page I was on was strictly Quality Control related, I found myself clicking over to see what was there.

What I found were a number of videos depicting a beautiful and amazingly talented singer without an ounce of raw meat or purple latex anywhere on her body. Stefani seems downright human compared to her current Gaga persona, and her music, far from the autotuned, techno-pop craziness she feeds to the masses today, is actually, you know, musical.

This video features the artist formerly known as normal at an NYU talent show singing two original songs, "Captivated" and "Electric Kiss." I am so captivated (really, there's no other word) by the first that I may spend the next few weeks learning the piano part by ear so I can sing it to my husband whenever I feel extra sappy (read: every day). The second song, and its message about what fame does to a person, is simply a case of the artist becoming her art. Irony at its finest, Stefani, or was it just a vision of your future?

Enjoy a glimpse into the past of someone who has since been assimilated into the pop culture machine. I would have liked to have known her when.