Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look away, Amanda. Just...look away.


Mom, today I learned what happens when you forget to put out your recycling for most of December...and then Christmas happens.


And New Year's Eve.

(Thanks to Amanda and Scott Larsen of RecycleMe Utah for putting up with our recycling forgetting selves...sometimes literally sending their children into our house to drag our bins out of our kitchen or garage for us. I don't know if they want all their other customers to know they do this for us, lest everyone wait until a blond 12 year old is on their doorstep. Let's just say we're going to be much better about the recycling this year and leave it at that. Either that or I'll make lots of treats to send over as penance.)

(Richard's addendum: If you see me with my junk, and you think that I'm a punk, look away, baby, look away.)