Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You've Gotta See This: Captain Disillusion

I found the Captain Disillusion videos when I went looking for footage of "ghosts" in the Stanley Hotel. If you remember, we were mysteriously drawn there on our way home from Texas last Christmas.  (Actually, I mistakenly thought we could drive home via that route and we ended up in Estes Park, Colorado, for the night.)

Anyway, watching Ghost Hunters videos led to watching Ghost Hunters debunk videos, and that led to Captain Disillusion. This is what happens when you watch YouTube, and it's why there are people who have been missing since YouTube was created.

Since adding all of CD's videos would take a bit more time than I have (I have to plot out at least 3 hours today to pretend to work), I've embedded my favorite. As a psych major one semester away from graduating (I'll mention that at least 4576 times before December), I love the sound psychological concepts he uses to debunk the paranormal on YouTube.

This video isn't so much a debunk as a public service announcement, and if you've ever been on the receiving end of one of those scary prank videos where a face flashes onto the screen and you lose control of your bladder and years from your life, you'll want to watch this and learn.

Then, go watch everything else he's made. :)