Friday, September 25, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

Hi everyone. This is the new home of The Mother Load, the wildly successful (right?) humor column I've been writing for The St. George Spectrum and Daily News for the past 9 years. The Mother Load has gone the way of Reading Rainbow...death by budget I'm moving it here.

Don't be discouraged by the look of the blog at this point. I'm just getting started over here, and it's been a busy week. I have wonderful (WONDERFUL) friends helping me get moving on this despite my schedule. I think it may be because they're all addicted to their weekly dose of Mother Load and will go into horrible withdrawals and shave their heads and burn down their houses if it ends. I think that because it makes me feel powerful, muahahahahaha!

I kid. Thank you to Dawnyel for setting this up for me. And thanks to my MOFs and other friends who have pushed me into the world of the blogger. Welcome readers, both from the Spectrum and to those of you seeing The Mother Load for the first time.

Starting this week, I'll post a new edition of the Mother Load each week. Check back here for the day. I'm thinking Fridays, since that was deadline day at The Spectrum, so I'm already used to getting it done by then. I'll also be adding past editions of The Mother Load, picking out my favorites for you to enjoy all over again. I've got a few other ideas in development right now for weekly features I'd like to run in addition to the weekly columns. It's all very new and exciting!

I'd love for you to become a follower of the blog. I don't know how you do that. Ask Dawnyel... :) I'm also considering joining Twitter so I can let people know when new material is up. If anyone wants to tell me how the heck to use Twitter, I'd probably make you some homemade bread. A back rub is also a possibility,as long as you remain clothed. If someone can tell me how to add this blog to facebook via the fan app, you can have bread AND a back rub. You can have your back rubbed WITH bread (the cracked wheat really exfoliates)!

So there you go. I'm happy to be here. Here's to another 9 years (and more!) of The Mother Load.


Michelle said...

I want the back rub with the bread! I can tell you how to facebook and twitter your businesses since I do both. we can "tweet" each other of Twitter and poke each other on facebook! how fun! but I would rather tell you over the phone than spend valuable space here. By the way. I may just shave my head again anyway - just for fun. did I tell you I have Blue Hair right now.

Lisa said...

yay! hope you post your one on santa and how you lose time when you dont believe or something. i obviously dont remember it well, which is why it will need to be reposted. :) its been my favorite to date.

KAT said...

Well, I'm looking forward to future posts. I've loved your past columns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah! Just wanted you to know this isn't the first time The Spectrum has anialated a "mother" column. Do you remember Amanda Ballif's column about 11 years ago? They axed her, too. I wonder when they'll try to get rid of Corrie Lynne Player? I look forward to reading your column here. Thanks for all the laughs. We moms need them.