Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brownie Pan Giveaway/Facebook Fan Goal Update

I am so excited about our success so far.  Fans have really stepped up and have done great work of inviting their friends and family to become fans of The Mother Load!  You guys rock and have an incredible amount of influence.  At this writing, we have 380 fans!  That's up from 113 when I made the goal a month ago.  That is huge!

So, we're down to the wire.  It's crunch time.  Mmmmm...that makes me want a Crunch bar.  (FOCUS, Sarah!)  Sorry.  That makes me want to meet my goal!  We have 10 days and 120 fans to go, and I believe with all my heart that we can do it.  I'll keep writing and inviting and building exposure in all the ways I can.  You can help by spreading the word to anyone you think would enjoy this blog.  If you're a follower of this blog and haven't added yourself to the Facebook fan page, get on over there and show us some love.

If you're struggling to think of people you could invite, here are some suggestions:

-Someone going through a rough time who could use a daily laugh.  I know that during my hard times, laughter has helped me in countless ways.  One of the reasons I write a humor blog is to share that gift with others.
-Someone with a great sense of humor.  People who know funny like funny.
-Someone who needs to grow a sense of humor.  Maybe I'll be the reason they stop annoying you.  It's worth a shot, right?
-People who buy stupid products.  Let me help them.  Either they'll learn the error of their ways, or they'll find a treasure trove of stupid things to add to their collections!
-People who want to find awesome products.  We've got the scoop on the goods right here.
-People you love.  Show that love with a blog suggestion.
-People who read.  It's kind of a prerequisite.
-People who know people who read.  A great way to get around the above.

As stated at the beginning of our challenge, every time you bring a new fan to the blog, you are entered into the drawing for a FREE Perfect Brownie Pan and those same entries count for our next product giveaway of a custom made Leah clutch from Unframed Art Bags.  The Brownie Pan giveaway ends on Valentine's Day at midnight.  If I make my 500 fan goal, I will dye my hair BLUE!

Let's make it happen!