Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Perfect Brownie Pan Giveaway!

Ever since I reviewed The Perfect Brownie Pan for my Awesome Products feature and received two for Christmas, I've been thinking more people need to experience the wonder that is the Perfect Brownie.  The makers of this product have given me nothing to say any of this.  They just made an excellent product that deserves every accolade I can give it.

And now?  I want to give that product to you! 

As I stated in this blog post, I have a new Facebook fan goal: 500 fans by Valentine's Day.  Since most new fans of The Mother Load find me because loyal readers share the blog with them through invitations, links, and their own facebook updates, all of my current fans will be essential in helping me reach this goal.


Every time a new fan joins The Mother Load fan page on Facebook because of YOU, YOU will be entered in to the giveaway for the Perfect Brownie pan.  The more people you bring to the page, the more likely you are to win the pan. Fans who have already become fans because of you count too!  Just let me know which fans are on the page because of your invite.  (Gina, Melinda, Alicia, you guys are SO in the lead right now!)

In order to get credit for the new fans you refer, make sure to tell them about the giveaway.  They can either make a comment on the fan page telling me who referred them, or you or they can email with the info.  My husband Richard will be creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all the new fans and their referrers.  (He'll probably also write a program to do the drawing and jump up and down excitedly when he reveals it to me.  I think I'll write a book...Richard and Spreadsheets: A Love Affair for the Ages.)

Even if you already have a Perfect Brownie pan, I am here to assure you that TWO Perfect Brownie Pans are even better than one.  If you're an edge hater and think the Perfect Brownie Pan is utter craziness (and you don't believe me that the center pieces are not really all edges), you can save the pan and give it to someone you love at a bridal shower, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration.

The Giveaway starts now and ends on Valentine's Day!  Regardless of the number of fans I get by then, I WILL give the pan to the person who wins the drawing.  If I get the full 500 I'm hoping for, I will do the youtube stunt and post it on the blog.  I'll either be dying my hair blue or running a mile.  I'm really, really, really hoping my boss is okay with blue hair, because Sarah?  She doesn't run.  Ever.

Thanks to all of you for your support, loyalty, comments, and encouragement.  The Mother Load would not be here without you!


Millionaira said...

my sil joined but not recently because of me (at least i think she did)does that count...this would be a GREAT v-day gift for my hubby...the brownie nut he is LOL

Sarah Clark said...

It absolutely counts! Be aware, though. One of my coworkers said she'd be getting me 150 new fans all on her own. That's some crazy competition! :)

Anonymous said...

I joined because of Tanya Lantz - give that woman a brownie pan! :)